Contact and Purchase Information

If you like what you see on this web site, please feel free to contact me regarding the sale of these pieces or to discuss commissions for original works customized for your home or office.  I've done large scale projects using multiple images to cover specifically defined areas (keyed to the office/home color scheme/motif).   I've consulted for and customized full art layouts for homes and offices using both my own and others' works (including sculptures).   For custom work commissions or consultation, feel free to call me on 973-292-1798.

If you would like to purchase an item you see here on the web site or one similar to it (I don't do duplicates), send me an e-mail at describing the item and I will quote you a price.  Originals generally range in price from $300 and up for smaller (11" x 21") works, $600 and up for medium (16" x 21", 11" x 31", 21" x 21") size works and $1,200 and up for larger (21" x 31") formats.  Custom commissioned pieces  for home or office usually range in price from $1,000 on up with standard hardwood gallery frames.   High quality pigmented ink prints range from $100 to $300 depending on size. Some purchases made at special events are tax deductible - with proceeds going directly to the Andrew J.Quinn '12  Memorial Scholarship (in memo field) payable to Cornell University, P.O. Box 25842, Lehigh Valley, PA 18003-9692

Lastly, check the Exhibition tab for show dates -- plenty of original JQ art at these venues -- where you can get up close and personal.  Since much of my art is dimensional, floating in a frame and showcases the actual wood grain, it can best be appreciated by seeing the actual texture and finishes used on the real art work.